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  • "Yohji Yamamoto" x "x Vessel" Collaboration
  • Based on the brand's popular sneaker "GOP", details such as leather material, black color, and Yohji Yamamoto's signature logo are adopted
  • Normally, the "size notation tag" inside the shoe is intentionally adopted as a design on the outer side. The size notation tag is the original of "vessel"
  • It characterized a design that expresses the "unfinished" element by applying uncut fringe processing to the canvas, and the "deconstruction" element that combines innumerable disassembled sole parts for the layer sole part.
  • In addition, instead of shoelaces, a characterized "dial-type lace-up system" is adopted as one of the functions of "high-tech sneakers", and a wire lace and a dial-type disc that winds it up are provided for attachment/detachment and size adjustment. It has made it possible to make things quick and smooth.
  • "Yohji Yamamoto" signature logo is embroidered on the lace parts.
  • UPPER: 100% COTTON

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